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Four Pulitzers go to Washington Post

The Washington Post won 2010 Pulitzer Prizes on Monday, in the areas of international reporting, feature writing, commentary and criticism. ProPublica, a nonprofit news organization, shared a prize for investigative journalism with The New York Times Magazine for a story about deaths at a New Orleans medical center after Hurricane Katrina.

The Public Service gold medal went to the Bristol (Va.) Herald Courier. Read more »

News orgs rethink allowing anonymous online comments

Internet users have taken for granted that they could post comments without revealing their true identities, but several news organizations are reconsidering their policy of permitting anonymous contributions, The New York Times reports. Read more »

Newspapers take readers backstage, online

Having lost their grip on the information flow to the Internet years ago, newspapers and magazines are doing more to expose readers to the news production process. Some are finding that exchanging ideas with the public while reporting a story may have greater advantages than keeping news secret until it appears in print. Read more »

What makes news go viral? Stories that inspire feelings of "awe," study finds

Recent research into the social spread of news showed that readers are more likely to e-mail articles that are positive, practical, or inspire a sense of awe, The New York Times reports. Read more »

Haiti becomes dangerous but crucial paper route for Stars and Stripes

U.S. soldiers had been in Haiti 11 days before they got the first copies of Stars and Stripes, the newspaper that operates independently within the military structure and follows troops to war fronts. Read more »


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