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Criminal groups, or Bacrim, become new threat for journalists in Colombia: CPJ

Despite the decrease of violence in Colombia, the armed groups in the country continue to harass and target the press. Besides the guerrilla, the drug trafficking groups known as Bacrim -- which formed after the paramilitary group United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia surrendered its weapons -- are now part of the threats journalists must face. Read more »

After years of threats, Mexican journalist fights to keep armed protection: By Anabel Hernández

In late 2010, shortly after the publication of her book “Los Señores del Narco” (The Lords of Drug Trafficking), Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández* was told by sources close to her that Genaro García Luna, head of the chief law enforcement agency in Mexico during the administration of former president Felipe Calderón, intended to have her killed for the accusations the journalist raised against him in her book. Read more »

Mexican government announces changes to its media policy on arrested drug trafficking suspects

In June 2012, authorities mistakenly arrested someone as the son of "Chapo" Guzmán, the most-wanted drug trafficker in Mexico. Source: El Universal
Read more »

Dominican anti-drug agency warns media to beware fake press releases

The Dominican Republic's anti-drug agency warned the media that a group of impostors had been sending fake press releases supposedly signed by the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD in Spanish), reported the newspaper Hoy on Monday, Jan. 21. Read more »

Honduran president calls for plebiscite on media democratization

Honduran President Porfirio Lobo criticized media organizations for reporting on the roaring violence in the country, which includes the highest murder rate in the world at 92 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. "Can people in 'x' place have a television channel or a radio station where they can broadcast messages of peace and hope and violence prevention or do we have to swallow what the monopolies demand," said the president, according to El Heraldo. Read more »


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