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Summer Harlow has worked as a newspaper reporter in Kansas City, Mo., Wilmington, Del., Washington, D.C., and Guatemala, where she served as an Inter American Press Association Scholar. She has a master’s degree in Latin American studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and bachelor’s degrees in journalism and Spanish from the University of Missouri. Currently she is working on her Ph.D. in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.

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On World Refugee Day, press organizations highlight cases of journalists forced into exile

To mark World Refugee Day on Wednesday, June 20, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) released its latest report showing 57 journalists were forced into exile between June 1, 2011, and May 31, 2012. Most of the exiled journalists (seven) came from Somalia, and most (15) fled to the United States. More than half (58 percent) went into exile because of the threat of violence, and 46 percent were exiled because of the threat of imprisonment. Read more »

U.S., Brazil top list of governments requesting online content be censored, according to Google's transparency report

In its biannual Global Transparency Report, Google reported that in the past six months, the Internet giant has received more than 1,000 requests from governments around the world to take down information, whether YouTube videos or search listings, according to CNET. This "alarming" level of steadily increasing government censorship included 187 requests from the U.S. government to remove 6,192 pieces of content, 42 percent of which Google complied with, Google said. That's a 103 percent increase over the previous six-month period, reported Politico. Read more »

New report examines revenue streams of U.S. nonprofit media as they learn to fish for themselves

With newspapers across the country laying off hundreds of employees and looking for new business models as part of a survival strategy, a new study considers what nonprofit media must do to be sustainable. Based on a seven-year experiment by the Challenge Fund for Journalism, the study showed nonprofit news outlets must seek funding from diverse sources, use in-person networking, fundraise better, and produce a quality product if they want to be sustainable, according to the Columbia Journalism Review. Read more »

"Digital-first" model means layoffs of 600 newspaper employees in New Orleans, Alabama

On Tuesday, June 12, 600 newspaper employees were laid off in New Orleans and Alabama -- and no, that's not a record, reported Poynter, illustrating just how deeply troubled the newspaper industry is as cuts are made to compensate for declining ad revenue and circulation resulting from readers' transition from print to the Internet. Read more »

Huffington Post to showcase longform journalism with launch of iPad magazine

On Thursday, June 14, the Huffington Post is set to launch a digital magazine for the iPad, reported the New York Times. Called Huffington, the weekly digital newsmagazine will be available from the Apple Store Friday mornings for .99 cents an issue, $1.99 a month, or $19.99 a year, according to App Advice. Read more »

Mobile device use up in U.S., but mobile slow to replace printed news, says new survey

Two-thirds of U.S. adults use at least one mobile media device daily, according to a new report from the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism. Still, the survey shows mobile news is not yet replacing printed news, according to the Newsroom America website. The 2012 RJI Mobile Media News Consumption Survey, conducted between Jan. 17 and March 25, 2012, examines who consumes news on a mobile device, and which devices they use. Read more »


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