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Teresa Mioli, online content coordinator at the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, is a journalist interested in press freedom, democratization, and investigative journalism in Latin America. She is dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of independent news media to the health of democracies. She produces journalistic work with the aim of helping people to make informed decisions about their lives and societies and wants to make sure other journalists are able to do the same. Follow her on Twitter @TeresaMioli.

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Recent Blog Posts:

The García Márquez Journalism Award announces the top 40 works that are part of its Official Selection

The Gabriel García Marquéz Journalism Award announced on Sept. 8 the top 40 journalistic works that form part of its Official Selection for 2016.

Click here to see the entire Official Selection list. Read more »

Cameraman and community leader killed in southeastern Guatemala

A gunman fatally shot Felipe David Munguía Jiménez, a cameraman for Canal 21 and a community leader, in the department of Jalapa in southeastern Guatemala on Sept. 4. Read more »

The Huffington Post debuts new site in Spanish based on news from Mexico

The Huffington Post launched its second venture in Latin America on Sept. 1 with the addition of Huffington Post México in Spanish.

With short stories and artistic illustrations, a 1-year old Cuban online magazine innovates to cover water problems

Almost one year after its official launch, Cuban digital magazine Periodismo de Barrio decided to use the month of August, a time when Cubans traditionally take vacations, to publish an innovative project that explored a major natural resource through short stories and original illustrations. Read more »

Attacks continue against news media offices in Venezuela

Two Venezuelan news outlets suffered attacks from armed men in the past three days.

In Caracas, the offices of digital news site Crónica Uno, an initiative of freedom of expression organization Espacio Público, were targeted on Aug. 22. Read more »

Mexican journalist in serious condition after being shot outside home in Veracruz

Freelance Mexican journalist Lucia López Castillo survived a shooting outside her home in Poza Rica, Veracruz on the night of Aug. 21.

López Castillo was walking outside her home and encountered a man wearing a hood, according to Crónica de Xalapa. The man assaulted and shot her before fleeing in a taxi, the publication reported. Read more »

St. Vincent and the Grenadines passes Cybercrime Bill that allows prison sentences for online defamation

Lawmakers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines passed the 2016 Cybercrime Act on Aug. 12 that provides up to two years in prison for online defamation.

The country’s criminal code already provides for up to two years in prison for defamation in print, writing and broadcast. Read more »

Brazilian news site launches with stories focusing on gender and the Olympic Games

A new Brazilian site dedicated to talking about gender issues through the use of data journalism launched on Aug. 10 with a focus on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games happening in Rio de Janeiro. Read more »

Colombian journalist accused of terrorism accepts rectification from expresident Uribe at court reconciliation

In the course of reporting on Colombia’s violent and complicated internal conflict, journalist Hollman Morris was accused of being an “accomplice to terror” and endured threats and harassment. Read more »

Special Rapporteurs tell Venezuelan government they are concerned with recent attacks against media in the country

Special Rapporteurs at the UN and Inter-American Commission communicated their concerns about the deterioration of media freedom to the Venezuelan government in attempts to open a dialogue with authorities and improve the situation for journalists in the country. Read more »


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