Add mapping skills to your journalist toolkit with new online course from the Knight Center

Maps are a powerful visual tool for journalists to analyze geographical data, identify patterns, and make sense of an overwhelming...

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Featured Image Covering COVID-19 in the Global South

صحفيو العلوم من جنوب العالم يقدمون نصائح عملية لتغطية كوفيد-19 ومكافحة المعلومات المضللة

يوفر مركز نايت للصحافة سلسلة من الإحاطات الصحفية التي كتبها صحفيو العل...

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Banner for newsletter course

Online course on launching a newsletter now available to take at any time on Knight Center platform

The course “Newsletter strategies for journalists: How to create, grow & monetize newsletters” teaches how to launch and maint...

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