ISOJ Virtual Experience goes beyond streaming to bring the conference to you!

Can’t make it to Austin from April 12 to 13 for the 25th Anniversary of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ)? Don’t worry: register for the ISOJ Virtual Experience that goes beyond mere streaming to bring the essence of ISOJ directly to you – anywhere in the world!

This year, the ISOJ Virtual Experience offers a unique and immersive experience, integrating virtual and in-person elements of the symposium.

The new ISOJ-dedicated Slack workspace adds a dynamic layer to the event, ensuring that virtual participants not only access live streams but can actively engage with the conference community.

From pre-ISOJ discussions to asking questions to panelists and keynotes via the moderators, video huddles, exclusive meet-and-greets, backstage access and much more, the ISOJ Virtual Experience creates a seamless connection between virtual participants and the conference.

The workspace will open one week before the 25th ISOJ, providing virtual and in-person participants with an early opportunity to explore the platform’s features and connect with fellow participants. The workspace will ensure virtual participants the opportunity to network not only with fellow virtual attendees but with in-person ones, as well.

Here’s a sneak peek into what the ISOJ Virtual Experience in Slack will look like:

Pre-ISOJ What’s Coming!:

This pre-ISOJ channel builds excitement, affording participants the chance to discuss upcoming sessions, prepare for the conference and ask questions. This is also the space for sneak peeks into the panels and other things to know before ISOJ starts.

ISOJ Lounge:

A virtual hang-out space to build a sense of ISOJ community, where participants can introduce themselves, get to know each other, share experiences or just take a quick break.

Happening Now:

Join live conversations during sessions and provide real-time feedback and reflections, enhancing the engagement of virtual and in-person participants.


Want to ask a panelist or keynote a question? This will be an organized space for official questions directed to moderators, streamlining the Q&A process for a more interactive experience.

Job Board:

An open forum for anyone to post job opportunities within the journalism industry.

General Announcements:

A separate channel for sharing important ISOJ information, meet-and-greet details, backstage pass links and other exclusive sessions for virtual participants.

ISOJ en Español:

A dedicated space for Spanish speakers to connect and engage with one another.

Fun and Games:

Participants can unwind and enjoy lighthearted activities during breaks.

ISOJ Guest Book:

Whether it’s your first ISOJ or your 10th, this testimonial and guest book channel is where participants can help us celebrate the 25th anniversary by sharing their thoughts and experiences with ISOJ over the years.

Technical Support:

A dedicated channel for virtual assistance, ensuring participants have a smooth experience, with quick response times from the ISOJ team.

In addition to the various Slack workspace channels, virtual attendees can also enjoy the following perks:


With Slack, participants can create virtual huddles via video or audio-only to discuss the panels, Austin hot-spots or any other topic of interest.

Meet-and-greet Sessions with Panelists:

Wanted to speak more with a panelist on a particular topic? This is your chance to do so! During session breaks, participate in our intimate meet-and-greet sessions with panelists. Hop on a Zoom call with other Virtual Experience participants and chat with the 25th Anniversary panelists. These interactions provide a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with industry experts. English sessions won’t have interpretation to Spanish and some sessions will be conducted only in Spanish.

Session Recordings:

Attendees receive links to recordings of each session directly in their inbox about 12 hours after they end, offering a chance to revisit valuable insights or catch up on missed content.

ISOJ Backstage Pass: 

During setup, breakfast, coffee breaks and the Moody Party, the ISOJ Backstage Pass offers a chance for virtual attendees to roam around the AT&T Conference Center and witness things even the in-person attendees won’t! Led by the Backstage Pass host and live-streamed to Zoom and Instagram, the ISOJ Backstage Pass will capture behind-the-scenes moments, encourage virtual participants to ask questions and connect with in-person attendees in real-time and create other exclusive content for the ISOJ Virtual Experience.

Participation Badges and Prizes:

Have you participated in most sessions? Have you been asking questions to panelists and moderators? Your participation at ISOJ will not go unnoticed! Active engagement on Slack, thoughtful contributions, and participation in virtual events can earn participants the chance to win exclusive prizes, such as ISOJ memorabilia, Journalism Courses gift cards, and more!

The ISOJ Virtual Experience ensures an engaging and seamless conference involvement that creates an immersive experience that goes beyond mere streaming.

Register now for the ISOJ 25th Anniversary Virtual Experience, and unlock unprecedented access, seamless interactions and exclusive perks!

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