Program and speakers announced for 17th Ibero American Colloquium on Digital Journalism

Journalists from Latin America, Spain and Portugal will convene at the University of Texas at Austin on April 14, 2024, to celebrate the 17th Ibero American Colloquium on Digital Journalism.

This annual event, conducted entirely in Spanish, is traditionally held following the end of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) and focuses on press freedom and journalism innovation throughout Iberoamerica.

Register today to attend in person or virtually.


The 17th Coloquio is organized by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and made possible thanks to the support of the International Fund for Public Interest Media (IFPIM).

The event takes place at the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin. The program includes 29 speakers from 11 countries in Latin America.

Panel topics will focus on attacks on the Latin American press, exile journalism and Nicaragua, journalism for the most vulnerable, local journalism, financing digital media and more. There will also be a special lightning round featuring case studies of journalism innovation from the region.

“The first Coloquio was held in 2008 and this year’s event will stand out as one of – if not the – best,” said Teresa Mioli, program coordinator at the Knight Center. “We are highlighting the biggest innovations and challenges in Latin America at a pivotal moment for the profession. We are so honored to have an amazing lineup of speakers. If you’ve ever been to a Coloquio, you know that the speakers and those in attendance are part of important discussions that contribute to building stronger bonds and better journalism for everyone. We hope you join us.”

Don’t miss your chance; register today for the 17th Ibero American Colloquium on Digital Journalism.

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