Check out panel topics, preliminary schedule for 25th ISOJ

Covering everything from artificial intelligence and polarization to social media regulation and sustainability, the panel line-up for the 25th anniversary edition of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) is now available.

This year’s ISOJ, to be held April 12-13 online and in Austin, Texas, also includes panels on open-source intelligence investigations, election coverage, the role of influencers in journalism, and more!

The panels will offer important insights from leading industry voices discussing the latest and most urgent developments facing journalism today. See the impressive and growing list of panelists here.

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Check out the full list of panels below. Exact times and speakers for each panel will be announced shortly.

Please note this is a preliminary schedule and subject to change.




  • Press Forward: A half-billion-dollar philanthropic initiative to help save U.S. local news
  • Using OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) and SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence) for war coverage, investigative reporting and fact-checking
  • AI in the newsrooms: What is working now and how it is helping to improve journalism
  • How should journalism and platforms constructively address the global challenge of polarization?
  • Social media regulation, copyright changes, government subsidies: How can new policies affect journalism?



  • Versha Sharma, editor in chief, Teen Vogue
  • Galina Timchenko, co-founder, CEO & publisher, Meduza (independent Russian media outlet operating from Latvia)


  • Research Breakfast: Trends in online journalism research
  • Influencers/content creators and journalists: What can they learn from each other?
  • Editors’ perspectives: The struggle of metro newspapers to survive and thrive in the digital era
  • The media and election season: Are we gonna get it right this time?
  • Global roundup: Lightning presentations about the state of journalism around the world
  • AI in journalism: Ethics, opportunities and pitfalls

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