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Group of diverse people

Knight Center expands initiatives to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in Latin American newsrooms

Nearly 500 students from all Latin American countries recently finished a special online course in Spanish and joined efforts to p...

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Featured Image Diversity Panel Book Launch

Diversity in journalism and in newsrooms can be a factor of social transformation, say authors of new ebook ‘Diversity in Latin American Journalism’

Journalism can be a key factor in eradicating deeply rooted problems in Latin America such as discrimination, racism, violence and...

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Diversidad en el Periodismo Latinoamericano ebook

Knight Center launches pioneering ebook 'Diversity in Latin American Journalism'; download for free

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas published the ebook “Diversity in Latin American Journalism,” which features ...

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All panelists for the ebook launch

Knight Center launches book on ‘Diversity in Latin American Journalism’ during NAHJ conference

The pioneering e-book “Diversity in Latin American Journalism” will be launched during the annual conference of the National A...

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Featured Image Opening Panel

Representation and diversity are characteristics that should be inherent to media, according to opening panelists at Knight Center diversity conference

Two journalists who shared life and professional experiences in their search for diversity in the news opened the First Latin Amer...

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Learning is the key to covering disability from the perspective of solutions: say panelists during conference on diversity in journalism

Cover disability from the solutions. That was the theme of the last session of the First Latin American Conference on Diversity in...

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sexual diversity

Talking about sexual diversity in journalism is talking about the intersection between gender, race and social class, say panelists at Knight Center's diversity conference

Panel on sexual orientation of the First Latin American Conference on Diversity in Journalism, talks about sexual diversity in jou...

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racial and ethnic diversity

Racial and ethnic diversity in journalism: greater representation attracts more readers, say speakers at Knight Center conference

Panel on racial and ethnic diversity in journalism discussed topics such as representation and coverage of racial issues in Latin ...

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Speakers on the gender panel at the diversity conference

More Latin American newsrooms are incorporating a gender perspective, but diversity conference speakers say there is more work to be done

"The world is told through the eyes of man and that will never be objective," said journalist Lucia Solis Reymer, in a panel on ge...

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Diversidad en las noticias y en las salas de redacción

After MOOC with 2,000 students, Knight Center launches self-directed course in Spanish on diversity in journalism

The Knight Center online course in Spanish, “Diversity in the news and newsrooms,” is now available online for free as a self-...

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