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Peruvian journalist attacked, temporarily kidnapped

On Wednesday, June 6, the National Association of Journalists of Peru (ANP in Spanish) reported the temporary kidnapping and attacks that a Peruvian journalist suffered on May 27 by a large group of protesters against the Swiss mining company Xstrata in the province of Espinar, in Cuzco, reported the news agency EFE. Read more »

Two Peruvian journalists sentenced to two years in prison for alleged defamation

On Tuesday, June 5, two Peruvian journalists were sentenced to two years in prison and fined to pay more than $22,000 each to the former Interior Minister, Antonio Ketín Vidal Herrera, who accused the journalists of "alleged defamation" on January 12, 2011, reported the Press and Society Institute. Read more »

In just two days, a wave of attacks and threats against journalists occur throughout Peru

According to the Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish), between Wednesday, May 30 and Thursday May 31, a wave of journalists were attacked and threatened all across Peru,the majority of them while they were trying to cover different protests throughout the country. Read more »

Peruvian journalist shot, another threatened after criticizing local mayor

A Peruvian journalist was shot in the leg by an unknown person while the journalist was about to start his work at a radio show in the city of Cutervo, and another journalist of the same city said he received death threats, reported the Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish). The two cases are linked by criticism made by the journalists against the local mayor, Raúl Pinedo Vásquez, added the IPYS. Read more »

Former Peruvian mayor, city manager absolved in 2004 killing of journalist

On Thursday, May 10, an appeals court ruled on the killing of Peruvian journalist Alberto Rivera Fernández in 2004 and absolved former Mayor Luis Valdez Villacorta of Coronel Portillo and former City Manager Zolio Ramírez Garay who were accused of being the masterminds behind the crime, reported the Press and Society Institute. Read more »

Peruvian police say local mayor masterminded killing of journalist in 2011

According to Peruvian police, the mayor of Comandante Noel, Marco Rivero Huerta, is the mastermind behind the killing of journalist Pedro Flores Silva who was killed in September 2011 in Casma, reported the newspaper La República. Read more »

In less than five months, 49 attacks against journalists reported in Peru

A new report from the Office of Journalist Human Rights of the National Journalists Association of Peru (ANP in Spanish) shows 49 attacks against journalists recorded in Peru during the first months of 2012. Most assaults were done by public officials (17), followed by civilians (16), non-identified attackers (11), news outlet owners/managers (4), and police/military (1). Read more »

Peruvian journalist arrested for alleged computer crime and fired for unethical behavior

A Peruvian journalist was arrested for hacking into the emails of senior officials of the Ministry of Commerce, Foreign and Tourism and was accused of "alleged crimes of grand larceny, unauthorized access to a database and violation of correspondence" by the Computer Crimes Division of the National Police of Peru, reported the news site Read more »

Peruvian Congress restricts access to critical newspaper Peru21's website

During a session of the Peruvian Congress, the website for the newspaper Perú21 “was unexpectedly restricted" from all the computers in the congressional reporters' chamber, reported the Press and Society Institute. The organization considered this an attack against freedom of expression as the newspaper has published critiques of the current Congress administration. Read more »

District attorney killed while investigating killing of Peruvian journalist

A district attorney investigating the killing of Peruvian journalist Pedro Flores Silva in 2011 was shot to death on Monday, April 16, reported the Press and Society Institute. Read more »


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