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Interior minister blames media for violence in Mexico; "Nonsense!" journalists reply

Mexico's interior minister, Fernando Gómez Mont, demanded the press act responsibly, insisting that the violence prevailing in the country is caused by information spread by the media, El Universal and El Economista report. Read more »

Mexico's Televisa chooses to keep silent on politician’s disappearance

The country's biggest media outlet announced that it would not report on the disappearance of former presidential candidate Diego Fernández de Cevallos until the investigation has concluded, drawing criticism from media and security experts, CNN México reports. Read more »

Obama and Calderón urged to address crimes against journalists in Mexico

President Barack Obama is hosting his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderón this week on an official state visit to Washington that includes talks on bilateral issues such as immigration and drug violence on the U.S.–Mexico border. Read more »

CNN reports on Mexican journalists in danger

In the first episode of a special series about violence against Mexican journalists in regions dominated by drug trafficking, CNN Mexico reports that 27 reporters have been threatened in Morelos state alone in central Mexico. Read more »

Insurers refuse to cover journalists working in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Violence has made the border city of Ciudad Juárez one of the world's most dangerous cities and one of the riskiest places to practice journalism. The situation is such that several insurance companies will not sell life insurance to media workers, while others have added new surcharges to policies issued in the city, El Diario reports. Read more »

Two journalists rescued after disappearing in attack on aid convoy in Oaxaca, Mexico

Journalist Érika Ramírez and photographer David Cilia, both of Contralínea magazine, were rescued late Thursday, the Committee to Protect Journalists reports. Cilia suffered two gunshot wounds to the leg. Read more »

Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho named "Press Freedom Hero"

The International Press Institute (IPI) named Lydia Cacho as an IPI “World Press Freedom Hero," to recognize her contributions to press freedom and investigative journalism in the defense of human rights. Read more »

Mexican journalist from Veracruz state goes missing for a week

Relatives of Evaristo Ortega Zárate found the van he was driving a week ago when he is believed to have been kidnapped in Xalapa, Veracruz, the site reports, with information from news agencies. Read more »

Journalist who blogs from Ciudad Juárez wins prestigious Spanish prize

Spanish journalist Judith Torrea has spent 12 years working as an independent journalist. Last year she created the blog “Ciudad Juárez, en la sombra del narcotráfico” (Ciudad Juárez, in the shadow of narcotrafficking), where she reports on the crimes of drug mafias, stories that traditional media aren't always able to report. Read more »


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